The inaugural Flightpath public meeting was held on January 29, 2020, and offered the Heber community the first of many opportunities to learn about the Heber Valley Airport Master Plan update process.

Approximately 150 people attended the event. Attendees heard a series of presentations (available together here in the Documents) that explained what an airport master plan is, who plays a role in developing the plan, and the anticipated project timeline. After the presentations, the Flightpath team joined attendees in an open-house format to answer questions personally. With displays showing the project’s funding, operational standards, and the many data sources that will be used to develop the master plan, subject-matter experts were able to answer dozens of questions from the community.

As the airport Sponsor, the Heber City Council is committed to finding an airport master plan solution that best captures the will of the community while also adhering to federal safety requirements. A crucial part of this process is collecting feedback from residents and stakeholders. At the meeting, in addition to sharing feedback with the project team in person, attendees also provided written comments that will be recorded as part of the airport master plan update. The comments captured during the meeting, as well as through the Flightpath website and social media, will help the Sponsor make the most informed decision possible.

Many thanks to all of those who attended, and we hope to see you at the next public meeting!