About the Project Team

Heber City is working with several organizations to update its Airport Master Plan. In addition to Heber Valley Airport and Heber City staff, three companies are providing support in key areas.

T-O Engineers

T-O Engineers is the primary consultant tasked with helping Heber City update its Airport Master Plan. The company is responsible for completing the update, which includes key tasks such as conducting the inventory and forecast, as well as developing the Airport Layout Plan drawing set. T-O Engineers will guide the City through the complex process, determine the existing and future traffic of the airport, create plans to accommodate any necessary improvements to the airport, and prepare the update in accordance with federal regulations and FAA guidelines.

T-O Engineers will provide the essential research, analysis, and plan sets to help Heber City decide the future of Heber Valley Airport.


Aviatrix Communications

Aviatrix Communications provides community outreach during the Airport Master Plan update process. The firm is comprised of aviation professionals who will keep the public informed and included over the entirety of the two-year process. Aviatrix Communications answers questions, provides project information, and helps explain complex topics in a clear manner. The firm’s tasks include developing and updating the program website, meeting facilitation, collateral development, and public feedback collection and record-keeping. Aviatrix Communications will ensure that the project information is shared in a transparent and public manner.


Mead & Hunt

Mead & Hunt is a critical partner in the Airport Master Plan update process. The firm will document environmental conditions that should be considered in the identification and analysis of airport development alternatives. Mead & Hunt will perform the Cultural Resources Inventory, Wetlands Survey, Biotic Resources Inventory, and noise analysis for the existing and proposed/future development. Mead & Hunt’s efforts provide independent analysis of the environmental impacts of the project’s proposed plans.


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