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Charting Our Future

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The City of Heber and the Heber Valley Airport are performing an update to the Airport Master Plan. Named “Flightpath,” our effort to plot out the airport’s future is intentional, collaborative, and necessary to determining our airport’s role in Heber Valley.

Moving Forward

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Like the City itself, the Heber Valley Airport has evolved over the past two decades. It is now up to us to establish the course that will guide the airport for another twenty years. Directed by the data and the voices of our community, we will develop a plan forward that best supports this beautiful region.

Get Involved

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We encourage you to participate in this important process. Please attend one of our open houses, follow us on Facebook or Instagram, and leave us a comment. You can also stay up to date on the Airport Master Plan update process and be notified when new project updates occur or documents are uploaded.

Ensuring Our Future

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Master Plan Update Process

Inventory & Forecasting

Airport Layout Plan


Final Documents

About Heber Valley Airport

The Heber Valley Airport has been part of the Valley community since 1947.

Heber City acquired land for an airport in 1946 and in 1947, local residents formed the Heber Valley Flying Service, Inc., on the property, with Russell McDonald as chief flight instructor, head mechanic, and general manager. Most of the company’s customers were World War II veterans learning to fly on the GI Bill.

Project Updates

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Flightpath Questions and Answers Updated

Flightpath Questions and Answers Updated

The Flightpath project team has been working to answer all of the questions it receives from the community. Dozens of questions were asked at the first Flightpath public meeting, and now the answers to these questions are up on our website. In the FAQs, you will find...

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Flightpath Project Update

Flightpath Project Update

Like much of our community, the Heber Valley Airport Master Plan update has been affected by COVID-19. The Master Plan process is based on a schedule that includes public input, public meetings, committee meetings, etc., and it has been challenging for the project...

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Draft Chapter 3 of Airport Master Plan Now Available

Draft Chapter 3 of Airport Master Plan Now Available

The Heber Valley Airport Flightpath project team has released the draft third chapter of the Airport Master Plan update. Chapter 3, Inventory of Existing Facilities, details the existing physical and natural environment surrounding the Heber Valley Airport, as well as...

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