The first step in the Airport Master Plan update process is to develop the inventory. The inventory allows the project team to fully understand the existing conditions of the airport, its users, and its community. The data collected during the inventory forms the foundation of the entire Airport Master Plan and will be used to develop the aviation forecast. The inventory will collect information in the following three categories:

The Airport
The Heber Valley Airport inventory will take a deep dive into the history of the airport, the completion of previous master plans, and the existing conditions at the airport. It will examine the runway and taxiways, the surrounding terrain, and the useful remaining life of the facilities on the property. An examination of the current conditions will help determine how best to utilize the airport’s footprint.

Airport Operations
It’s also essential that the City knows who is using the airport and why. Heber Valley Airport provides a variety of services to all kinds of aircraft, including law enforcement, emergency support, agricultural support, flight training, business commuters, and recreational fliers. The inventory will find answers to questions like, how many aircraft are based in Heber Valley? How many operations (takeoffs or landings) happen each day? Which types of planes use the airport most often? Cataloging the existing users of Heber Valley Airport will help anticipate future aviation demand.

The Community
An airport belongs to its community, and so the community’s future drives the airport’s future. The inventory will take into account many factors about Heber Valley: how fast is the community growing? What kinds of wages are people making? How fast is aviation growing in the county, the state, and the nation? The socioeconomic and demographic data will come from a variety of sources to provide a complete picture of the region.

The project team is currently collecting this information. Once the inventory is complete, it will be used to help establish the airport’s forecast for the next 20 years. Both the inventory and approved forecast will be available to the public during the Flightpath Airport Master Plan update process.