The Heber Valley Airport Master Plan update process is an 18 to 24 month process. The City has already established its project team, including engineering firm T-O Engineers, Inc., and environmental planning team Mead & Hunt. The project team will guide the Airport Master Plan process, gathering information, analyzing data, and developing the plan that the stakeholders ultimately select. The team has begun collecting information on the airport’s history, existing conditions, and airport users.

The City has also established two committees that will provide essential insight and feedback during the Airport Master Plan update process: the Technical Advisory Council (TAC) and the Community Advisory Committee (CAC). The TAC is responsible for providing input and insight on technical issues. Council members have a high level of competency in aviation or airport operations and are major stakeholders in the airport’s operations. The CAC is made up of a large group of regional stakeholders and serves as a sounding board and information exchange group for local representatives. The CAC reviews the planning team’s plans and proposals, interacts with the planning team members during the review, makes consensus recommendations to the planning team, and gives its recommendations on the finished plan to the City.

The public will also provide key input during the process. In January 2020, the Heber Valley Airport will hold its first Airport Master Plan Update Public Meeting, to explain the process to the community and collect opinions and ideas from our neighbors and constituents. For more information on how you can participate, see the project calendar and our feedback pages.