Heber Valley Airport Flightpath

Community Advisory Committee and Technical Advisory Committee
Joint Meeting Summary

September 21, 2022


  • Mayor Heidi Franco welcomed the CAC and TAC Committee members and project consultants, including T-O Engineers; Aviatrix Communications; Peter Kirsch, HCR aviation attorney; and Aeroplex Group Partners. Introductions were made and the Mayor then turned the room over to Jeremy McAllister of T-O Engineers for a Project Review and an Alternatives Review.

Project Review

  • Jeremy McAllister presented the following:
    • Airport Master Plan Update that included a review of what has been accomplished to date including Inventory, Forecast, FAA Approval of Forecast, Facility Requirements and Runway Alternatives.
    • Alternatives Review Process
    • A brief explanation of how the FAA determines the Critical Aircraft for an airport and that the Critical Aircraft for Heber Valley Airport is the Challenger 350.
    • A Facility Requirements summary and a review of the constraints at Heber Valley Airport that are limiting the alternatives for the Heber Valley Airport.
    • A review of three Critical Considerations in developing the Airport Master Plan for Heber Valley Airport

Alternatives Review

  • Jeremy McAllister than presented the following four Preliminary Alternatives and the “fatal flaws” of each, which render them nonviable:
    • Shift of Runway to the North
    • Reduced Runway Length
    • Recommended Runway Length (Aircraft performance based)
    • Airport Site Relocation
  • Jeremy McAllister presented the advantages and disadvantages of the following alternatives:
    • Existing Layout with C-II Standards Implemented
    • Runway Shift to Southwest

Following a review of the Alternatives, the next steps in the Airport Master Plan process were presented and Mayor Franco opened the room to Q & A. After the Q & A and considerable discussion, including confirmation that the airport is designated a CII airport and that the FAA will not force the use of eminent domain on potential lots in Daniel, Mayor Franco closed the meeting, asking everyone to attend the public open house on Thursday, September 22, 7:00 – 8:30 p.m., at Heber Valley Elementary.

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